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Why Mold Hackers is The Best Company to Check, Air-Sample and Test Your House for Mold in Alexandria, VA, Fairfax County, and the DC metro area!

Welcome to Mold Hackers™, a mold-inspection only company NOT involved in the remediation process, offering the lowest mold-sampling prices available. If this is your first time getting such an inspection, we cannot urge you enough to use a company NOT involved in the remediation process to avoid the conflict of interest created when doing so. Based in Alexandria, VA, MoldHackers offers unbiased mold testing with only the latest technology available to collect air and surface samples, including the use of FLIR™ Infrared Thermal Imaging cameras & moisture-meters to detect moisture inside your walls, floors & ceiling cavities where moisture could be breeding mold without being visible.

Direct surface swabs are used to collect visible growth that will tell us whether they are toxic and could be harming you or your loved ones, and how they should be remediated. Air Sampling as well will tell us how toxic the varieties are, and whether your indoor air-quality (IAQ) is above or below a healthy level & will decide whether professional remediation is needed or not. It very well may not, even if noted on a house inspector's report. It is our job to confirm whether or not an actual problem exists, and to what extent. Our lab report will indicate exactly how many spores per cubic meter of each mold type are in your property, where and how to eradicate any indoor growing mold to ultimately put a stop to the mycotoxins they give off that can lead to poor health and possibly even death when ignored. NEXT BUSINESS DAY RESULTS AVAILABLE, and Saturday tests before noon are available on the following Monday.

Our unbeatable priceof $295 includes a top to bottom inspection, 2 air samples; one inside and one outside 'control' sample for comparative purposes and to see what mold types are naturally in your area, a nuclear radiation test (which when above normal levels can indicate radon), a tap water test, and electromagnetic testing, in case mold ends up not being the problem. (We like to cover all the bases, just in case mold isn't the issue causing unexplained illnesses.) Further samples are available and unlimited and are recommended when deemed beneficial if more than one area shows signs of water intrusion, or when requested, (and in either case must be agreed to by clients first) for $75ea.Click here for more details on the extra services of nuclear radiation & water testing and why they're now included at no extra cost to you, our client. We are always by your side from start to finish and will tell you what to look for in an honest remediation company, if needed, and can be present to make sure the right steps are taken if requested. Our report will also explain the proper steps recommended by the foremost agencies including the EPA, OSHA and the IICRC520


Unless you have dealt with a mold issue in the past, it is very common to be confused about what to do and where to start. We will answer these questions for you, and in some cases even leave your appointment without charging you a dime if we find so signs of anything justifying samples. There are cases in which sampling simply isn't necessary once we inspect all the areas of concern. (There are many things that resemble mold, but are not.) We are an honest family-owned company that will only suggest testing samples from your home if we feel it's needed for the health of your properties' occupants. Sometimes it just turns out to be a case of mildew, which though similar, is not harmful to humans, past water stains or efflorescense, which is the process of water coming through masonry usually in basements and leaving behind crystalized particles that look like mold when they evaporate inside your basement in most cases. It just smells bad, but can be cleaned up by a normal contractor, not an expensive licensed mold remediation company who would contain the area first among other precautions they are required to do to avoid spreading toxins further into your property.

It is very common to have moisture/humidity in basements as cinder-blocks and foundation cement is porous, and they are often built too close to underground water. If not in a finished basement, the humidity will not be controlled either, allowing the humidity alone to be enough of a water source to create a living indoor-mold situation. Sometimes the grade of the property will send rainwater to your foundation where it will eventually seep through. And if your HVAC system is in such a basement, it could be spreading deadly mold-spores throughout the entire property via the air-ducts. (In some cases, the source is the HVAC system or the ducts themselves.) Each case is different and treated as uniquely as the situation at hand. But fear not, every situation can be fixed, and often for much less than you might imagine. This is what we can help you figure out while you get estimates from remediation companies that may also claim to test and report issues that don't exist at all.

Hopefully after our visit, you will be well on your way to the mold free, healthy environment you deserve. Feel free to call and speak with us about your specific situation, and we will be happy to set up a convenient appointment that fits your schedule, or EMAIL US with the day and time you prefer.


We are usually called into a home or business for one or more of the following reasons-

  • Toddlers or a New Baby on the way
    -Mold generally affects unborn babies, toddlers and the elderly the most, anyone with a diminished immune system, allergies, or over-active HLA genes, but over time, the worst types can even leave an otherwise healthy person at any age with chronic health problems & even death if ignored. Some of the toxins these molds give off have even been used in chemical warfare!
  • Peace of Mind for a New Real Estate Purchase
    -A property inspected by even the best Home Inspector cannot see mold growing inside a wall or ceiling cavity. Its microscopic spores are odorless and invisible to the naked eye. You can be breathing it in without knowing it 'til you've had a professional air-sampling test show you every type of mold present in your property, how many spores per cubic meter, what effects they have on people, and how to get rid of them based on your their location. Sometimes the nicest, cleanest looking & smelling houses still have high black-mold (Stachybotrys Chartarum) counts, or other toxic varieties simply because it's hidden from direct view.
  • Unexplained or Undiagnosed Health/Respiratory IssuesMany common varieties in our area remain toxic, dead or alive, and in those cases, even the spores themselves are extremely harmful to breathe in. Over time they can cause permanent brain damage, blood/heart problems, asthma, headaches, dizziness, dimentia, nosebleeds, lung infections, skin rashes; the list goes on and on, and chances over time. Please see our videos page for much more on the symptoms and how doctors have such a hard time diagnosing changing symptoms and therefore assume it's a mental issue. Toxicology is the answer once you've proved what you're being exposed to at home or work.
  • Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) / Newer Houses or buildings built TOO efficiently
    -Most people think mold is more likely to exist in older houses. While that can be true, we also find plenty of problems in brand new homes when they are built too efficiently. When there is a hidden leak or high humidity, the water vapor from evaporation or condensation in a highly efficient house has no where to go. The house cannot "breathe" in other words. An older house, while possibly not as efficient at keeping it's climate controlled, will often breathe more easily, thus letting any accumulated humidity/water vapor escape before it can cause a mold problem.
  • Visible Microbial Growth or a Musty, Mildew-like Smell
    -Most often in basements as they are usually the most humid floor, if there is mold breeding, dangerous spores can be spread throughout the property via the HVAC system and/or normal air currents. A mold source on one floor is generally 50% less on each floor above or below the source floor.


We help people in all situations find out not only if they have a problem, but also where the source is if possible, and how to have it remediated for the lowest possible cost. We have come behind countless companies that call themselves "Mold Inspectors and Remediators", and more often than not, they inflate your results numbers and tell you there is a much bigger problem than actually exists. They even go so far as to tell you that you must leave the property while they perform this "remediation" so that you can't see that there is in fact no mold in the extra walls and floors they want thousands of your hard earned dollars to tear down and replace. This is a HUGE red flag, and even offering both serrvices is illegal in most states. You would not believe how many have fallen for this scam! Most of them also don't want you to know that not all molds are dangerous. The truth is that we are always breathing in mold spores indoors and out, and there are acceptable levels, or humans would simply not exist.

We can determine from your confidential lab results whether or not your indoor levels indicate indoor growth, whether they are of toxic varieties, and the levels down to the number of spores per cubic meter. Any inspection done without precise testing such as sampling sent to a microbiology lab like ours is simply a guess at what could be a deadly situation or no situation at all. Our air and surface samples provide hard evidence and a legally binding report with a chain of command docuemnt you can use in court as evidence if necessary against a builder, landlord, or as a defence against the same from a buyer or tenant. And since we are not involved in any way with remediation, we have no interest in finding problems that don't exist, or vice-versa. We are paid before your samples even reach our lab. When your results are processed the next day by the lab, you will be receive written results and the chain of custody (COC) from two separate licensed and regulated scientific entities for the price of one; ours, and our fully accredited Microbiological Lab called Seeml (Southeastern Microbiological Laboratories), where we send our samples for processing in overnight sealed medical containers 6 days a week along with a Chain of Custody document just like crime scene evidence. This speed of overnighting and having our reports emailed back to us allows us to offer NEXT DAY (expedited) RESULTS! (Most charge for this service, if their lab even offers it, but if you , ask for this service fee to be waived in exchange for a review of our service, we can usually accomodate such requests. Everything is itemized on a carbon copied contract/invoice before paid for, even after samples have been taken. You always have the option of leaving one or more samples above the 2 that are included out, if cost becomes an issue. Though sometimes leaving important areas out can lead to much more expenses later, and we will explain the importance of one sample against another to recommend which are the least likely to become a problem later, if any. We pride outselved at being the most honest outfit in the industry, and I hae plenty of "live" customers I can ask permission for you to talk to directly if you like to prove this. Often online reviews are not as trustworthy to people when shopping online as talking to someone who's actually used our service. That's why we go the extra-mile to bring about the most word of mouth business possible, as it is always the best kind to have.

Any respectable mold remediation company who is suggesting a home or business needs professional intervention should support the idea of a third party company like MoldHackers coming in to do an inspection with sampling and lab testing FIRST. And ONLY if our recommendation based on your lab results calls for remediation should they be brought in to do so, and ONLY in the areas found to be affected. Anything to the contrary is another HUGE RED FLAG when shopping for remediators, and we'll be by your side through the whole proess to help with these aspects as well.

We always prefer finding out our clients are safe and that elevated conditions do not exist. However, when a problem is present, we offer a detailed report with a step-by-step protocol for removal. In the long run, you are going to save money by getting a legally-binding inspection with iron-clad reliable unbiased test results showing whether there is a problem or not, before it becomes a much more expensive problem possibly requiring the gutting of the entire property, or paying remediators doing the same without hard evidence of a problem to begin with. Give us a call anytime at 571-278-8319, or EMAIL US to set up an appt with your preferred day & time, and we will call or email you (depending on your preference) you to confirm the time slot is available, which can be same day service in many cases, usually for those in a hurry to make a closing deadline. But as some mold toxins are extremely dangerous, the sooner the better either way.. Having mold growing inside your domicile is akin to being locked in a garage with a running car. Some mold typese are an exception to that rule, and are even more dangerous, dead or alive

Here is a breakdown of our service process:

  • Email us or call 571-278-8319 to Schedule an Appointment
  • Inspector arrives and conducts a Visual Inspection of the Property
  • Air and Surface Samples are collected where agreed necessary, along with an outdoor control sample to let us know what your surrounding environment levels are
  • Samples are sent to our Independent Lab for Microscopic Analysis
  • Client and Inspector Receive Lab Results
  • Inspector Provides Client with Detailed Remediation Protocol (If Needed) and explanation of LAB results
  • (In serious cases, this may suggest vacating the property until remediation is completed, if the affected area is dangerous & can't be avoided.)
  • Clearance-Testing after remediation to make sure the areas remediated are now mold-free if desired. (This is sometimes required in the event of a real-estate sale.)
  • We have thousands of inspections under our belt and can answer your questions based on many years of experience in every situation imaginable.

Thank you for visiting our site, and God Bless! And many thanks to all those who have time to leave a review after doing business with us by clicking on the Angie's List or Yelp link at the top of this page.

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