MoldHackers now offers free tap-water & radiation testing with your mold inspection and sampling. The Geiger Counter to measure Beta and Gamma radiation we use is the GMC 320 Plus™. If you are well versed in nuclear physics, here is a link to the PDF User Guide showing what it can do. Otherwise, we'll pretty much be telling you if you have more than the normal background harmless amounts, or if for some reason your property was built on a nuclear waste dump unbeknownst to you. A higher level can also mean you have high levels of Radon in your property that can also cause illnesses often diagnosed incorrectly, much like mold exposure, so in cases where mold levels turn out to be normal and non-toxic, we've decided to add these instant-result services to rule out other possibilities that could be creating illnesses in the property.

We also use the DT-1130™ Electromagnetic Radiation Meter that can show you how much electromagnetic radiation comes from your cell phone, laptop, tablet, TV, etc.. It's actually safer to use an earpiece (or bluetooth, though even a bluetooth earpice gives off some electromagnetic radiation too, just not as much as a phone), and this device will show you why. A few inches makes all the difference. Here it is by a laptop. Depending on where and how close you get to the laptop, the reading can exceed 1,000 and its alarm begins to ring indicating dangerous levels. So again, the farther you are from your electronic devices, the better.

Our TDS™ water tester will tell you the parts-per-million (ppm) of unwanted metals and microbes in your water. With this information, we can tell you if it would be wise to filter your drinking water, or possibly all your water. If the reading is high enough, it could be harmful even to brush your teeth or shower in it. For example, here are pics of my home tap water compared to my filtered water. I've heard that 50% of bottled water is found to be the same as tap water! The first pic is of filtered water using the Zero Water Pitcher™, and the reading is now 006ppm. The tap water in the second pic is 117ppm, and you can definitely taste the difference, although 177ppm isn't that high considering some that we've seen (over 400PPM in DC, for example). All areas are slightly different depending on their source and what they put in it, like flouride, chlorine and other chemicals and metals that find their way in through the pipelines. Store-bought bottled water varies from 30 to 150 in my experience so far.



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