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News story out of Colorado involving a family of 6. Four children were living healthy normal lives in a very clean home til a wall was opened in one bathroom in order to fix a plumbing leak which was dried with the use of a normal household fan by a non-mold educated contractor which allowed highly toxic mold spores in the wall to disperse into the house's air. The children started showing symptoms one by one, doctors misdiagnosed the symptoms as they often do with mold related illnesses eventually saying they were in need of psychiatric help (that they were faking).

75% of houses in the U.S. have mold problems somewhere, often unknown if not outwardly visible as in this case, though about 50% of those are sealed in walls where they don't enter your breathable air. This is where an air sample is crucial to find if you are being exposed.

In Leviticus 14:36-37, Moses instructs a priest to draw a circle around suspected mold, and if it is seen to grow beyond the marked circumference after a week's time, the "unclean" house is to be vacated & destroyed along with all its contents. This was in the desert, not some swampy area, telling us that molds can grow anywhere, anytime, and have been doing so since the beginning of time, and were likely among the first living things.

Many of the same mycotoxins in these molds have been used in chemical warfare, (by us in Vietnam, Sadam against the Kurds, etc.) but Congress has failed to make it a priority. Most airborne spores alone are harmless, aside from black mold, whose spores are toxic in themselves, dead or alive. Most others spore types are harmless, but once living in your house and reproducing, they create gaseous mycotoxins through their metabolization process which are harmful and toxic, and are what make people (and your pets) sick. When you're trapped inside a house with these mycotoxins, they can't disperse or mix with the outside air, much like with pollution, creating a situation much like being locked in a garage with a running car!

Fox TV news story about molds, specifically Stachybotrys Chartarum, bio-toxins similar to poisons from fungus, spider & tick bites, houses built too tightly so that mold-causing moisture can't escape in time, HLA genes, (transplantation genes) if inadequate make you more susceptible to mold toxins, if not body can't see the toxins to remove them, and results among other symptoms are that it messes w your hormones, chronic diseases, fybromyalgia, MS, ALS, ADD, ADHD, depression, can't lose weight, muscle pain, cramps, headaches, fatigue, weakness, flu-like symptoms, abdominal pain, diarrhea, chronic sinusitis, sore throat, difficulty thinking, memory loss, dizziness, balance problems, dementia. Symptoms change from week to week, everyone reacts differently, often diagnosed as just being crazy (a hypochondriac). The key is to get tested for the neurotoxins and mycotoxins that these molds emit once you've found their presence in your house through inspection and testing, which is exactly what we do for you.

Hey guys. Today I'm sharing my Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome Story. I want to share my experience, what it is, and how to tell if you might have it, and what to do because 1 in 4 people actually have the genetic traits that predispose them to this illness. 1 in 4! I also want to remind you that when I'm talking about the supplements I use to treat my illness are doctor supervised. Please make sure you consult with your doctor and do research prior to starting any treatment plan.

"My message to practitioners is if you have got a complicated patient think Lyme and mold early on because you will probably need to treat the mold first if you are going to make any progress with the Lyme."

Mold toxicity may be a factor in getting well from Chronic Lyme Disease. Many people face difficulties getting fully better and might benefit from addressing the possibility that they have had mold exposure and that it may be a main factor to treat to fully heal.

Shows actual black mold inside a wall, explains symptoms including nosebleeds, brain lesions, skin lesions, asthmatic issues, blood and black debris coughed up, fevers, yeast infection of mouth or vagina, vomiting, diarrhea, & cancer due to mycotoxins being carcinogenic & pathogenic (disease causing bacteria).

"These were the 3 steps needed to get myself better from mold sickness. I hope it will help other people who also suffer from this disease. If you cannot move just yet, try these 3 products to treat your home (but you may have to move eventually if you don't have professional remediation performed.)"

Explains how mold grows inside walls from spores sometimes there since original contruction laying dormant waiting for a water source to bring them back to life from new leaks that come about as the house ages and activates the dormant spores causing growth and reproduction by giving off airborne spores and mycotoxins through metabolization landing on household surfaces where they are touched and breathed in from air currents, causing irritations and lesions on skin, inside the lungs, subsequently into arteries and throughout the body including the brain causing lesions on the brain itself, and into the nervous system affecting the entire body. The key is building the structure from the beginning in a fashion that lets it breathe so that moisture inside walls can dry itself out to keep moisture and humidity levels down below 40-50% relative humidity.

Many companies claiming to be remediators and mold inspectors/testers will inflate numbers found because remediation is much more expensive than testing alone. Doing both creates a huge conflict of interest as a result. MoldHackers, LLC of N.VA, MD & DC performs INSPECTIONS & TESTING ALONE for exactly these reasons; TO AVOID ANY CONFLICT OF INTEREST, and we get the bulk of our business from people who have received inflated reports already and huge estimates for remediation when in reality the problem is often either much smaller than their previous estimates state, or non-existent to begin with.

Very thorough and scientific lecture by an MD specializing in clinical immuno-toxicology, (mold illnesses). Has seen patients who have seen over 40 doctors before finding him along with a shopping bag of medications prescribed by those doctors that have not helped them whatsoever. Explains what and how these molds exist in homes today moreso than in the past, and how they effect the body.

New houses are often built too efficiently for their own good; water vapor can't escape and feeds existing mold spores on drywall and other organic building materials all over the entire house, inside vents, wall, ceiling and floor cavities where it can't be seen, as well as where it can, usually on basement joists & drywall. Anything organic like wood and the cardboard on each side of sheet-rock can serve as a food source for mold, as can dust inside metal vents, although the vents themselves won't be eaten, molds can live on just about any type of surface given enough humidity and dust or dander flying by, or lay dormant until the right environment does come along.

Mold grows between walls, (inside wall, ceiling & floor cavities) spores are microscopic (invisible), & cannot be smelled in most cases until the amount is so large that the property may require complete gutting of the walls and sanding or fogging of all the framework before being rebuilt. Sometimes it is cheaper to tear down and rebuild, when not caught in time.

There are over 147,000 mold types that give of mycotoxins. There are over 400,000 types altogether. Many look alike, and though we can sometimes hypothesize to a great degree, nothing is ever for sure until examined under a microscope by a professional. While the "black mold" Stachybotrys is black, dark green & slimy when alive, and powdery when dead, it and it's spores are an exception to the rule in that its spores remain toxic dead or alive. Many other molds are extremely hard to differentiate, and there are many molds that are black and or green as well.

If the environment that allowed the mold to grow indoors to begin with is not dealt with somehow, like with a dehumidifier or encapsulating a crawl space, the same mold will come right back until the area is no longer serving as a positive mold growing environment with water/humidity and a food source present.

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