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To: Mike
From: Will W. <>

Subject: Re: I was your last mold inspector. May I use you for a reference?

Hi Mr. Cane,

Of course I remember you well -- you were incredibly helpful, and gave us great advice (basically that we should probably move out), and sure enough within a week or two of us being in our new apartment, my family's allergy and respiratory problems had mostly cleared up. I really appreciated how well informed and serious about it you were, and had a lot of fun reading some of the links on mold that you sent to me and my wife.

So yeah, totally, feel free to use us as a reference! I'd be delighted to write a review for you wherever. Just let me know how I can help. It's really the least I can do.


To: Mike
From: Jennifer J.

Subject: Hi Jennifer, I was your last mold-inspector. May I please use you as a reference?

Hi Michael,

We've returned to normal here (thank goodness!) so no more mold. Our Board fixed the leak in our wall (it turned out to be our neighbor's plumbing) and remediated the mold thanks to your testing! We were very pleased with your work and would be happy to serve as a reference for you. Good luck!


To: Mike
From: Jessie D.........

Subject: Re: Hi Jessie, your neighborhood mold-inspector here!

Hey Mike,
I would be happy to serve as a reference for you! Let me know whenever I can help!
To: Mike
From: Jen.... .....17@ya.......

Subject: Re: Hi Jen, I was your last mold-inspector. May I use you as a reference?

Sure, I can do that! Good luck with everything! -Jen

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To: Mike
From: Amena H..... ..........08@gm.......

Thank you so much Mike. You just made my day! The condo management is fixing the leak on the outside this month and I will still keep an eye on the situation. Thanks again for your time and assessment. Have a good weekend.


To: Mike
From: Robert Stein

Subject: Re: Macomb St. visit/work

From: Robert S....

Dear Mike,

Thank you, again, for your work - and for expediting the results.

At the moment, as I said on your email, I'm primiarily stuck on the decision of pulling up (hard to do with my personal equipment) the den carpet and foam to:
1) avoid mildew (does that spread through the home like mold; does it's smell "stick"?
2) protect the wood below, which is between being a little wet/damp - and dry.
I think, from your letter, it might be ok to wait to Mon - but would you suggest cutting out that wet carptet/foam area now, on the basis of those 2 concerns above?

A Rob Lerner may call you next week with their (larger) mold concerns.

Thanks very much, again, for your assistance, and have a happy, healthy, rockin' New Year. Bob Ste..

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